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LED Benefits

The LED Benefit

LEDs are highly energy-efficient, are available in a wide range of colour temperatures, consume only a few watts of power and emit little waste heat.

With average service lives of up to 50,000 hours, LED lamps are perfect for hard-to-reach and maintain fixtures. Besides reducing maintenance, they substantially extend bulb replacement cycles, further cutting costs.

LEDs reach full brightness almost instantly unlike compact fluorescents that can take more than minute to achieve their maximum output.

Existing lighting technologies are omni-directional and require external, inefficient reflectors to focus the light they emit. LED lighting is by its nature a directional light source, so that light is used efficiently and distributed to exactly where it is needed.

Enhanced Capital Allowances

White LED Lighting is now on the Government’s Energy Technology List, so that all our LED replacement products qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances, enabling companies to write off this capital expenditure in the first year.

Carbon Trust and Salix Loans

SMEs and public sector organizations may qualify for low-interest loans that absorb the upfront costs of an energy-saving lighting project. Loan repayments are spread over the length of the project’s payback period so that the cost is effectively funded by ongoing energy savings.

Secondary Saving Benefits

With the extended life span of LED Lamps, there are significant savings to be made with reduced maintenance and lamp replacement costs. Other secondary benefits include reductions in air conditioning costs due to the significantly reduced heat generated by LED lamps.

Reduced Deterioration of Cabling and Fittings

With a significant reduction in electrical current draw from LED lights, wiring and electrical fittings will suffer less from deterioration and hence last longer.

Extended Lifespan of Emergency Battery Systems

Where emergency back-up battery systems are in place, the lower electrical draw from LED lamps can reduce the number of batteries required or can significantly extend the lifespan of existing batteries as the natural deterioration in battery run-time is minimised by the low wattage required by LEDs.

Reduced New Fitting Costs

Where new fittings are desirable, there is a reduced cost of the fitting as our LED Tubes and 240v LED spots do not require any control gear such as ballasts or transformers. Ideal Lights can supply stripped out fittings at a reduced cost, which are plug-and-play ready for our range of LED products.