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CE approved - Like all suppliers of products in Europe, all of our products have
undergone CE testing and are marked with the CE Logo.

ROHS Compliant - Restriction of Hazardous Substances. All of our LED products are free from hazardous materials as defined under ROHS regulations.

Many of our products have undergone further certification and testing. Our LED Tubes are certified to the following standards:

EN 60598-1:2004+A1
EN 60598-2-1:1989
EN 55015:2006
EN 61000-3-2:2006
EN 61000-3-3:1995+A1+A2
EN 61547:1995+A1



Product Evaluation

Products from many material and component suppliers have been tested and evaluated. Only products that have passed our strenuous testing and design criteria are used in our product range.

Our product range incorporates only the highest quality LEDs and driver circuitry. Our commercial high intensity range uses only CREE LEDs as they have been proven to be the most reliable and brightest LED components on the market to date.

Product Testing

All of our LED products have undergone extensive testing, to determine if they meet or exceed the performance levels claimed by our component and material suppliers and can satisfy in full our specification requirements for light output, reliability and longevity.

Custom Design and Modification

Where products fail to meet our demanding standards, we work with the supplier to introduce modifications to the design, material, component or manufacturing processes and build these improvements into our products to ensure they continue to deliver exceptional reliability and performance.

Product Design & Manufacture

Ideal Lights is more than just a supplier and importer of LED products. As well as many of our current product range being designed to our specification, we have an inhouse design team designing the next generation of Energy Saving Products.

Our design team has 10 years experience in electronic and thermal dynamic design - necessary skills to alleviate the two main design problems with LED Technology - driver reliability/compatibility and heat dissipation.

Quality Control Checks

We have worked with our suppliers to enhance quality control from production to delivery. We frequently perform checks on shipments to ensure the products are continue to meet our design and performance criteria.

Specifications and Standards

Ideal Lights believes strongly in setting industry-leading standards against which the vast range of LED products that have flooded the market place can be judged.

The great majority of LED products available to date are cheap foreign imports, which have had no standards or testing applied to them - where the only specifications that exist are from the manufacturers, whose specifications and performance claims are often unsubstantiated or exaggerated.

We have certified and verified our product range so that a valid specification sheet can be produced, based on real international performance data.