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Lighting Surveys

Ideal offers a complete survey and reporting package for our commercial clients. Our Lighting surveys are both comprehensive and accurate, showing a complete breakdown of energy consumption per lamp and area, factoring in crucial information such as:

  • Lighting on-time per area throughout the week
  • Opening times of the site
  • Dusk Dawn Sensors
  • Timers
  • Proximity sensors

We use a copy of your electricity bill to ensure we have the information necessary to produce as accurate a costing as possible.

The report also incorporates the costs of your current lamps, accounting for their lifespans and frequency of replacements. This allows for a more complete picture of your current costs vs our recommended replacement program.

Self Survey

As an alternative to a site visit, we also have a self-survey package which includes:

  • Surveying procedure
  • Survey forms

This will allow you to perform your own site survey and send the forms to us for processing.

To download the self survey package, click the icon on the right.